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What's up, my name's Kamar 👋🏾

I'm a software engineer who loves working on breakthrough developer tools

A little about me...

  • I decided to learn coding after taking an interesting high school math class back in 2014, and I've been obsessed with the craft ever since.
  • Previously I worked at Wolfram and launched a software company called Appdrop.
  • My favorite programming language is TypeScript. I have development experience writing TS in frontend React apps† and server-side Express apps.
  • As a recent open source project I created a command line tool called HaTs that helps programmers work more efficiently on TypeScript projects.
  • I was born in the UK like 21 Savage but grew up in Memphis, TN.
  • The name Kamar roughly translates to moon in arabic. As a result I'm nocturnal.

† I built this very site using Next.js, MDX, and Tailwind CSS. Check out the source code on GitHub 🚀

Kamar Mack and Jack the Bulldog
ca. 2017 at a photoshoot with my home dog Jack 🐶